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Indulge, Naturally

Harithavanam Organic Farm and Resort promoted by Harithavanam Farm Group is a theme resort based on organic farming, Ayurveda practices and nature-indulgent living.

The Eco-Farm resort is outfitted with modern-day comforts and amenities with uncompromising quality and attention to detail. Featuring ethnic and Multi-cuisine Restaurants, a 150-seat Conference Hall, Ayurveda Therapy Enclaves, Spa with in-patient facility, Banquet areas, Infinity Pool and Play Zone. The Honeymoon Cottages, Tree Houses and Duplex Cottages can host upto 180 guests at a time.

Hidden within exotic and ethnic varieties of fruits and vegetable gardens, herbs and spices plantations, poultry and cattle farms and fish cultivation, it is the fulfillment of a dream for those who wish to have their share in the vibrant hospitality sector of the region.

  • Gavi

    At 3,400 feet above sea level, Gavi is a leading eco-tourism spot and one of the must-see places in India, only 15 kms away.

  • Thekkady

    20 kms from the resort is an internationally acclaimed destination and has one of the finest wild life sanctuaries in India.

  • Vagamon

    At 21 kms, is a hill station with its fine landscape of meadows, enchanting pine forests, waterfalls and tea plantations and attracts adventurists for paragliding, rock climbing, mountaineering and trekking.

  • Parumthumpara

    18 kms away draws tourists to its famed view points. On a day with clear skies, it offers a breath-taking hawkeyed panorama of the surrounding hills, valley and the forests of Sabarimala.

  • Mount Sathram

    Another unexplored but popular among those who explore off the beaten tracks, is a spot high in the mountain ranges of Western Ghats. Mount Sathram offer thrills of a lifetime for adventurists.


Older than the Himalaya Mountain ranges, Western Ghats represents geomorphic features of immense importance with unique biophysical and ecological processes. The site is the best representation of non-equitorial forest and is home to at least 325 globally threatened flora, fauna, bird, amphibian, reptile and fish species. (Source: World Heritage Centre/UNESCO)

Value Appreciation

30% mark-up anticipated on completion of the project. The immediate beneficiaries are the shareholders of the company, with the benefit of value appreciation on investment.

The success potential of the project analysed to be enormous considering the following facts:

Clear Titles

Dwindling availability of ideal locations and land for development activities due to the ecological fragility of the entire Western Ghats could mean that this project - having the required clearances and permissions - be counted among the last few to be sanctioned here. Testifying to this fact is the demolition process in force against unauthorized structures across the Ghats.

Experienced Hands

Its chief patron, Benny James, brings decades of knowledge, expertise and exposure to organic farming activities practiced in many countries. The Food landscaping, Organic Farming and Mixed farming activities at the resort would attract those who are exploring sustainable farming methods.

Back to the Nature

The rare opportunity to indulge in sowing and farming activities and gain knowledge in traditional methods would be an invaluable experience for you as the investor as well as for the guests.

The project is scheduled to be completed in five years’ time. *

Work Progress
  • Work for parking space, roads leading to different facilities in the property, landscaping and the construction of the first six-room cottages are underway.
  • The farthest your investment grows is when it is made in the foundation phase of a project.
  • Your investment value appreciates over the period of execution of this project, based on the asset build-up in the property of the organization.
  • Your investment in the project is a productive asset portfolio with multiple trajectories and grows vertically even while the execution of the project is carried-out.

Note: The schedule of 5 years for the execution of the project is drawn based on the normal/standard working condition. However we take exceptions due to the intervention of forces of nature and political decisions that may lead to the scarcity of construction materials etc.

The growth in the investment value will differ for investments based on the year or period in which they invest in the project. The value of the property and the assets are quantified based on the standard, professional norms and statutes, and certified by competent authorities.

Advantage You

Each investor owns a minimum lot of 600 shares at the prevailing prices. Investors are entitled to a specific number of days accommodation in the facility absolutely free of cost every year or encashment of the same. Investors can further upgrade their stake holding through additional subscription of shares.

In case an investor is unable to utilize the allotted slot, he/she can monetize the same through surrendering the slot allotted to the Company. The Company will, in-turn, credit 50% of the prevailing rent to the investor’s account.

The investor is entitled for annual share of profits from the Company through dividends. The dividends would be declared and credited to the shareholders account in succeeding years of the Company breaks-even.

Shareholders would be intimated about planting/sowing season for crops and they could be a participant in the whole activity of organic farming during this time. It would help to gain valuable real time experience with the family.

Investors can either hold on to shares as they wish or sell them to realize money, subject to the provisions in the Companies Act-2013. The investor may also exercise the right to transfer ownership of shares to the next generation.

Note: The payment of dividend on the net profit arrived after the statutory provisions; taxes and reserves are subject to the provisions of the Companies Act 2013 and provisions in the Articles of Association.

We invite you for a visit to the project for further clarity and explore for yourself the immense opportunities and promise it holds.