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Harithavanam Home Nursery .... Those who love fruits and flowers can start a nursery in their own backyard. Protect the good plants and flowering plants in the backyard. Sell the seeds and seedlings of these plants. Explain the application of fertilizers and pesticides. Buy and sell good quality seedlings .. Keep the house and surroundings clean and earn income ..

Our Services


Collection of 100 varieties of leading imported commercial plants suitable for the climate of kerala. These are of 4 varieties, they are seedlings, layered, bud, graft.


Promotion of sale of your products, by providing marketing support on digital platforms, for 6 months.


The enquiry we receive about requirement on a particular product or a plant, will be forwarder to you.


Over 600 imported and branded plants which are suitable for the climate of kerala are collected and we set up a home nursery for you. Branded plants means plants from leading nurseries.

Knowledge Sharing

We educate you to set up your home nursery stage by stage. We also help you to educate your customers regarding the plants through our experts.


We are wholesale suppliers of imported plants. We can supply different and rare varieties of plants, as per your requirement.


You can also sell growbags, seeds, flower plants, fertilizers, pots, garden equipments and other related agricultural products, through us.

Bulk Sale/Purchase

We also help in bulk sale or purchase of Avocado, Rambootan, Mangostin, Passion fruit, Jack fruit, Red lady pappaya, etc...