Integrated Farm

Coconut, Ginger, Turmeric

Integrated Farm

Paddy, Fish

Integrated Farming means to integrate crop production with livestock management which in a way complement each other with a nice symbiotic relationship which at the time is economically viable and profitable, environmentally suitable, and benefit giver of diversification of production.

Integrated farming is an another approach or farming practice now being supported world wide as a all round development of agriculture along with animal husbandry and other such occupation which is related to core agricultural practices.

An example of integrated farming could be fish and livestock cultivation along with general farming practices which support each other. The fishes can be fed with the residuary materials of farms such as leaves, stalks or other waste products.

Additionally, the plankton which are major fish feed can grown using the manures provided by the livestock which are getting raised at the side of fish farms.

The most common advantage of integrated farming is the production of greater yield on a given piece of land by making more efficient use of the available growth resources.

Integrated farming offers a number of significant enhancements of both the net productivity and the ecosystems in farming region. This ecological method can manage pests, diseases and weeds via natural competitive principles that allow for more efficient resource utilisation.

Integrated Farm

Poultry, Fish, Vegetables

Integrated Farm

Fish, Vegetables

Integrated Farm

Duck, Paddy

Integrated Farm

Duck, Fish, Poultry, Plantain

Integrated farming is a type of sustainable agriculture which optimises use of the five natural kingdoms that is plants, animals, bacteria, fungi and algae to produce bio diverse food, energy and nutrients in a synergistic integrated cycle of profit making process where the waste of each process becomes the feed stock for another process. This helps to preserves local indigenous systems and existing agrarian cultural values and practices.

Sustainable agriculture integrates three main goals, environmental health, economic profitability and social and economic equity.

All the waste materials in the farm is decomposed and put back in the soil as manure. Weeds and other biomass from the plantation are finely chopped and mixed with cow dung and water and put back in the soil as manure. For Integrated farming process we provides the technology for biogas digester the heart of the Zero waste Agriculture system.


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